Offices & Services


Reception Services

Reception services like greeting visitors, receiving and sending packages or important documentations, are available during the week-days from 9 until 18

Internet and Telephone Services

Recently renovated internal internet and phone network is at disposal to our guest, with a fast set up service of both cabled and wifi internet and national and international telephone services

Cleaning Service

Everyday professional cleaning service, starting from 6:30 PM, compatible with your own working schedule.

Printer and Fax Service

High quality printer available at the reception for all the guests, with full support for fax service and convenient prices for large quantities of prints.

Domiciliation Registered office

Possibility of domicile your registered office with mailing service.


Small – up to 2 desks

Office 1

15 sq. mt.

Office 5

20 sq. mt.

Office 6

20 sq. mt.

Office 13

20 sq. mt.

Office 15

15 sq. mt.

Office 16

15 sq. mt.

Office 18

15 sq. mt.

Medium – up to 4 desks

Office 3

22 sq. mt.

Office 7

24 sq. mt.

Office 8

24 sq. mt.

Office 9

22 sq. mt.

Office 12

24 sq. mt.

Office 14

24 sq. mt.

Large – up to 6 desks

Office 2

35 sq. mt.

Office 11

33 sq. mt.

Office 4

36 sq. mt.

Office "Sala Pesa"

55 sq. mt.

Office 10

40 sq. mt.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting Room - Sala Red

38 sq. mt.

Meeting Room - Office 17

45 sq. mt.

Conca Business Center

Via Conca del Naviglio 18, 20143 Milan, Italy

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