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Your office in the City Center

The offices in our Business Center are perfect for a reality looking for an office in the city center, complete with all the services you may need and freedom of access, to organize your activities as you wish, with the support of our reception team.

The Business Center offers the following advantages:

  • For companies starting up a new business in Milan, the possibility of quickly finding completely furnished, serviced and cabled offices readily available.
  • For managers on business trips, the possibility of finding offices even for short periods (trade fairs, business meetings, etc) from one hour to over one year.
  • For consultants in town for just a few hours or days, the possibility of renting an office space with the utmost flexibility and at short notice.
Conca Business Center

Via Conca del Naviglio 18, 20143 Milan, Italy

Your office in the middle of the city

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“With Conca Business Center it’s easy to find the perfect office for you, with all benefits and amenities of being so close to the heart of Milan.”

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The Conca del Naviglio Business Center offers rapid, complete, and flexible support services to both companies and professionals.

Serviced Offices

Seventeen fully furnished, cabled offices available with individual air-conditioning, heating units, telephone facilities with voicemail and high-speed Internet connection.

Meeting Rooms

Two conference rooms with up to 20 seats each, for an important meeting, a training course, for product presentations or for market research.


Reception services like greeting visitors, receiving and sending packages or important documentations, are available during the week-days from 9 until 18

Legal Office

Contact us to set up your legal office in our business center and benefit from the reception support even when you are away.


Having an office in our Business Center means to be in contact with others well-known business realities, generating valuable relationships.

Catering and events

A complete package for business trips is available upon request, including hotel reservations, restaurant bookings and catering services (coffee break, business lunch on the premises or quick snacks).

Conca Business Center

Via Conca del Naviglio 18, 20143 Milan, Italy

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